Why become a SolarToday Franchisee?

Solar energy will play a huge part in the future of your country, Europe and the world! Discover what your advantages are as an entrepreneur in this sustainable sector.

Become part of a fast-growing international solar wholesaler. And grab the opportunities that are ahead of you

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SolarToday Brand Characteristics

This is who we’re. These are our personality traits or character traits. This is how we behave and what we radiate in the broadest sense of the word.


We are honest and friendly, as well as empathetic and accurate. We know our clients and our clients know us. They know what they can expect from us. We are a solar energy specialist.

Advantages franchisee – Start strong right away

From SolarToday - Strong franchisor

From YOU – Fully Motivated Franchisee

What we expect from you as an entrepreneur

  • You are financially supporting yourself from the beginning. Before you are fully operational and produce results, you must bridge a period. In any follow-up conversations we will inform you about the financial business plan
  • You have proven to be able to bear your own responsibility. Structure and discipline will be important core values for your success
  • You will be managing or having to manage a team soon. Think about if this is your ambition
  • You will have to sell a portfolio that is partly determined for you. By the way, your franchise participates in the product committee to determine the portfolio together
  • You like networking and can participate in various (international) events. You are expected to attend trade fairs, training courses, specially organized internal and external events and meetings
  • You consider yourself reliable and always try to find solutions with your direct and indirect colleagues in case of problems. You can work together for the long term

Do you think we’re a good match?

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